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LP 20" Wood Surdo with Legs - LP 3020 - LP3020

Model Number: LP3020
Manufacturer: Latin Percussion
UPC: 00731201371087
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Product Description

Brazilian percussion reflects the history, society, culture and geography of a massive segment of the South American population. In one sense rhythms are complex and diverse; in another, they stroll along more unfettered than, say, Cuban music, which must adhere to the clave. The Carnival parades, the voices of exotic jungle birds, or even the joyful cries of children are replicated in indigenous percussion instruments'as in the new LP Rio Brazilian Percussion Line. The LP Rio Brazilian line will swell to include essential percussion to generate a range of Samba patterns at Carnival, relaxed & grinding grooves for the funky Partido Alto, lovers' serenades in sultry Bossa Novas. The LP Rio Brazilian Percussion Line adheres to the highest LP standards'authenticity, broad tonality and good projection. And innovation, as always, is the guiding spirit. First we offer the instrument integral to the one/two pulse of the samba: the LP Surdo. Designed to produce ultimate depth, struck open or muted, the LP Surdo is available in a choice of durable, lightweight traditional shells: select wood or aluminum. Sized optimally at 22' X 20', the LP Surdo yields the required bottom-end to underpin the Carnival dance/march. Note that a special radius top promotes hand comfort and access to the top head. Ten tuning rods positioned below rim level to add to comfort and enable stable tensioning. A leg set is included. The double-headed LP Repinique is the perfect complement to the Surdo, traditionally played with a stick and used to signal shifts in tempo or dancer activity. Accordingly the LP Repinique is light in weight and yields high pitched exclamations that penetrate the noise of a street throng. Tensioned high, the LP Repinique holds pitch securely by means of six, adjustable tuning screws positioned below the rim for comfort. Available in a choice of optimum sizes, 12' x 12' or 12' X 10', the top head incorporates a special radius top that is easy on the hands. Finally, the LP Caixa is a 'snare drum' that has roots in the Portuguese military. Played with sticks, the LP Caixa embodies the necessary high pitch and snare sensitivity to articulate syncopated patterns interwoven with buzz rolls. Six tuning screws, engineered for comfort, maintain tension, while snare action is controlled by a standard snare strainer. The LP Caixa features a well-built shell, sized 7' x 12'. Bright and lightweight, it incorporates a radius-angle top rim to eliminate hand trauma and provide access to the batter head when marching.