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LP Pro Shekere LP483

Model Number: LP483
Manufacturer: Latin Percussion
UPC: 00731201179218
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Product Description

The shekere's history begins in Africa where this unique instrument serves as a shaker, a rattle, and a drum. Traditionally made from hollowed gourds wrapped in a lattice of stones, the instrument is played by shaking or twisting it to get shaker and rattle sounds or by hitting the bottom of the body with the palm of the hand to get drum-like bass notes.

LP has created a number of different versions of the shekere, all with excellent durability and a variety of sounds. Synthetic cord provides a great deal of flexibility allowing the beads to move freely, yet still controlled. This is great for faster playing and the execution of more complex rhythmic patterns. We also use very different materials for the bodies of our shekeres, including metal, plastic, and fiberglass.

* Based upon the gourd shape of the natural models and with the help of LP artist and professional percussionist Roger Squitero

* Durable white fiberglass body is wrapped with a lattice of Jenigor plastic beads

* The most durable and dependable shekere ever made

* Loud, high-pitched shaker and rattle sound=

* Large fiberglass body, thick neck, and wide mouth produce extremely low bass tones when struck on the bottom

* A rubber ring surrounds the mouth of the shekere to protect it

* Attractive black and red beads, hand strung in the finest traditional fashion, and white body look great on stage

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